Installing Varnish on Cygwin Windows

Remember that Varnish on Cygwin Windows is not recommended for productions sites and it is only a proof-of-concept that can be used to test application on Windows or for checking you VCL while in that platform.

Varnish can be executed on Windows using  Cygwin DLL. Cygwin implements the POSIX system call API in terms of Win32 system calls.
Full cygwin environment is optional using zip bundle packages:

More information at #840 and #736 Trac tickets.

There are two options for installing Varnish on Windows:

  • Install full Cygwin environment with varnish package. Recommended option
  • Install Varnish zip bundle, inside it includes Varnish binaries, GCC compiler, Cygwin, PDCurses and PCRE DLLs.

Sources can be built using:

Install Varnish ZIP bundle that includes Varnish binaries, GCC compiler, Cygwin, PDCurses and PCRE DLLs

The ZIP includes Varnish and Cygwin, PDCurses and PCRE DLLs. It is not needed to install any previous software.

Install Full Cygwin environment with varnish package

The tar.bz2 package files are installed in Cygwin with "setup.exe" cygwin application:

Build instructions with cygport packages

Cygport source packages can be build using cygport program. Cygport can be installed using cygwin setup.exe . See:  cygport web page and  cygport README.

  • Install CYGWIN environment with cygport tool
  • Download cygport varnish-*-src.tar.bz2 varnish package files from
  • Uncompress tar.bz2 files to /usr/src directory
  • Execute cygport commands:
    • cygport varnish-{version}.cygport prep
    • cygport varnish-{version}.cygport compile
    • cygport varnish-{version}.cygport install
  • Compiled binaries are copied to varnish-{version}/inst

Build instructions from source

Cygwin and other DLL sources

Varnish in Windows uses version 1.7.9 of  Cygwin DLL. Native PCRE and PDCurses can be also used instead Cygwin version.

Binary and source Cygwin packages are available in:

Native PCRE and PDCurses win32 are available in: