Varnish Cache 3.0 beta 2


Varnish is distributed as both source and binary
packages. Please choose the appropriate version for your

Summary of changes from 3.0 beta 1 to 3.0 beta 2

  • documentation updates, particularly for the standard VMOD.
  • varnishncsa now ignores piped requests, since there's generally too
    little information for us to do anything sensible with them.
  • the VCL compiler is now stricter in enforcing no duplication of backends or probes.
  • the stats command has been removed from the CLI interface as it did not work well with the new dynamic counters.
  • VCL now has vcl_init and vcl_fini functions that are called when a VCL is loaded or unloaded. This can be used for initialising VMODs.

A fuller list of changes can be found in the changes document.

Old releases can be found on the releases page