POST request will not fire up!

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POST request will not fire up!


We have a High-Availability System in the amazon Cloud. 2 PHP Backend Server, 2 Varnish-Cache Server, Fronted by an Elastic Loadbalancer and there are 20 Typo3 Microsites installed.

If we fill out a contact form and fire it up with Submit, the Browser take a short time and show me the form (with my data) again. It seems he is doing nothing. If I connect me again the PHP Webserver (Host-Entry) the From works fine. So I think it must be a problem with the Varnish and POST Requests.

Can anybody help me with it?
I attach you one of the default.vcl files with our current configuration.

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default.txt2.41 KB

Nobody any idea?



Hello, nobody can help?


What is that?