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Wed, 2015-09-30 16:09
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Why Performance #API is more important than you think https://t.co/54T7luZixU via @varnishcache @ThyGat #performance
@varnishcache @flano_yuki @therealgquintar I found few bugs. I'll send p-r later by I or @flano_yuki ;)
RT @chadothompson: Related news: discovered this week that @varnishcache is a more impressive bit of software than I even imagined.
@varnishcache @therealgquintar @xcir I tried using the varnishtest. It is a very great tool. At a later date, I will feedback some bugs.
@varnishcache Basically - the software was more efficient than the load tests I could generate. :-)
@varnishcache Saved a Wordpress site from withering under traffic load. The boxes ran out of network cxns, Varnish still used < 60% CPU.


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