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Varnish is a web application accelerator. You install it in front of your web application and it will speed it up significantly.

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  • hi, i try to this too. i dont know very well telnet  but its not connected..pls explain step step  thanks...  
    Posted in Error while connecting to port 6082 by kumraldemircan
  • In Varnish 4, should Range requests for uncached content still get a 200 response instead of a 206? I'm getting the expected 206 for a Range req in Varnish 4 for cached content (with just the...
  • Yes. This is still a weakness. It's not hard to work around. We see a lot of preprocessing of VCL going on.   Per.
  • Solved. My wordpress themes get images with an ajax call wordpress get all ajax request from wp-admin/admin-ajax.php wp-admin path was excluded   so I have changed the rules and now it's ok. from...
    Posted in static files not cached ? by varnishoz
  • Set the TTL of everything in to 5h in vcl fetch.   sub vcl_fetch { beresp.ttl = 5h; }
    Posted in Set Max TTL for varnish cache by perbu